Learn How to Master Life’s Transitions | BRUCE FEILER | Unlock Your Potential

In this episode, I chat with Bruce Feiler, a 7x New York Times Best-Selling author, presenter of two prime-time series on PBS, and writer of the “This Life” column in the New York Times, about mastering life’s transitions.

According to Bruce, people have linear and nonlinear moments throughout their lives.

For example, up until the age of 40, Bruce had a pretty linear life.

It wasn’t until his cancer diagnosis that his life became severely nonlinear.

This major event caused Bruce to begin collecting stories of people’s nonlinear life experiences from all over the world.

Throughout these nonlinear events in life, Bruce discovered a skill we can use to overcome these events or “lifequakes” to avoid being overwhelmed by them.

This skill is called mastering life’s transitions.

Many people suffer through life events thinking they need to endure the pain and then they can be happy.

However, Bruce introduces the concept of enjoying life during transitions to help you grow and renew yourself instead of suffering.

As a result, those life transitions reveal opportunities to transform the trajectory of our lives, leading us down new and exciting paths.

Thank you, Bruce, for sharing your story with me and the audience.

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