Leadership Skills For Managers – LEADING not MANAGING

Although many people don’t know it, there is a difference between leading and managing. The best leaders know how to make decisions. No matter how big or how small, a great leader is someone who can perform under pressure and with the interest of their team in mind. The best leaders have a clear vision. They know what they want for themselves and others and they make it happen, even if they have to overcome countless obstacles to do so. The best leaders think about their team, not just themselves. A leader isn’t just someone who works alone, they work for the team and they know that every choice they make affects others. What else makes a great leader? Well, that’s exactly what I’ll be talking about today, let’s take a look at how you can become a great leader to your team. Some people may believe that you need to be born a natural leader, I don’t think this is the case. There are many ingredients to having the perfect leadership recipe, it helps if you have some already but chances are, we all need to learn a few new tips and tricks to be the best leader we can be. When it comes to leadership, there is no limit. You can work on these skills every day. A part of being a leader is about adapting, developing, and keeping up with the times. So, whether you’re starting with a great foundation or you have no idea what’s required, I have some skills to share with you today. This is your chance to decide what kind of leader you want to be….


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