JUSTIN SCHENCK | How I Built One Of The Top Business Podcasts In The World | Millionaire Secrets

Welcome to another Millionaire Secrets conversation!

Today I’m joined by Justin Schenck, host of the Growth Now Movement, one of the top-rated podcasts in the WORLD. The Growth Now Movement is played in over 100 countries every day, as Justin speaks with inspirational guests on overcoming adversity and the power that everyone holds to create their own happiness. Justin is also the founder of Growth Now, LLC, a full-service podcast production and coaching company that helps thousands of people unlock their passions and live life fully. You wouldn’t know it from the hugely successful entrepreneur he is today, but Justin has been on a long and arduous journey to get to where he is. With a high school GPA of 1.7, a mom in the middle of a 20-year battle with opioid addiction, and a dad in jail, he didn’t have the best start in life. In fact, back then, you’d probably believe that he was destined to fail. But everything changed when he started working on his personal development. Since then, he has proven that no one is defined by their circumstances, past, or the things around them.

Everyone has the power to create a life they truly desire, and Justin has tonnes of wisdom to share with you from his journey, as well as insights from the hundreds of people he’s interviewed along the way.

Don’t miss the chance to hear his story and learn his secret. Check out the podcast!

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