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Welcome to another episode of Millionaire Secrets!

For today’s episode, I’ve been joined by Joseph Valente For someone so young or of any age for that matter, he has an extremely extensive resume. You may even recognize him as the 2015 winner of ‘The Apprentice’! Since then he was named in Forbes 30 under 30, he’s become an author, and has already sold his first business for millions. But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing… He’s battled with mental illness, he was expelled from high school, and he’s tackled a business going bust. Joseph has overcome these challenges and come back even stronger. It’s for that reason that he is an inspiration to everyone hoping to make it as an entrepreneur, he’s proven that no matter what you’re dealing with – you can turn your life around. Joseph went from everyone expecting him to wind up in jail to making a huge name for himself. He didn’t come from a lot of money, he wasn’t academically successful, and he came from a troubled upbringing – yet here he is. Joseph is living proof that anyone can make it, no matter where you’ve come from! If you’re interested in knowing more about Joseph Valente’s inspirational success story and what you can learn from him, you know what to do…

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