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My mission is to help real people move their life forward by hearing real-life success stories by other people who are just like them. I believe that listening to an entrepreneur’s success story that started out where their life is now, can be extremely inspiring and motivational. In this video, I am joined by a really good friend of mine and the founder of, Jesse Singh. Jesse is a shining example of people who are embracing new skills to make radical transformations in their lives to create the lifestyle that most would think to be impossible. We are going to be real with you guys. There’s no reason to fake how we got to where are now or how you can get there too, we know from our own beginning how much more useful it is to hear the facts. This is not too good to be true. We both came from humble beginnings and we are proof that anyone who has the motivation to succeed, can do it! We know that you won’t hear about our success stories from guidance counselors at school or on TV, so our intent is to share it with you through other platforms to create a widespread awareness that anyone can do it. This is your chance to find out how it all works. In this video, I will be picking Jesse’s brain on some of the wizardries that he’s taken years to come by. Our goal is to take entrepreneurialism out of the clouds. It’s time to void the business world of fascination, it will never move your life forward. No more “imagine if” or “what if”. Our intent is to talk to the average person who has a business and make them aware of the possibilities of what’s really out there and isn’t just in the clouds. It doesn’t take extraordinary circumstances, it just takes dedication. This is your chance to find out how, when anyone could, you can be the one in a million who does actually make it as an entrepreneur. Join me and Jesse for a real conversation with our feet on the ground.,

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