JASON STONE | From Struggling Entrepreneur to 7-figure Mentor of Entrepreneurs | Millionaire Secrets

For today’s episode, I’ve been joined by a very good friend of mine – Jason Stone! Jason has a huge presence online so you may have already heard of him. If the name Jason Stone doesn’t ring any bells, perhaps ‘The Millionaire Mentor’ will. With over 7 million followers, he is clearly one to listen to! Jason is a pro when it comes to growing online business and he’s helped thousands of people already. But Jason didn’t become a millionaire entrepreneur the traditional way… He actually went to college and got a mechanical engineering degree – a far cry from what he is doing now but he had learned from his parents what true hustle was and he was always willing to work his ass off. Whilst Jason was a mechanical engineer he built an engineering firm called Treadstone Performance Engineering. This company is still going strong and running like a well-oiled machine without the need for Jason to be constantly involved. Jason started building his Instagram presence while he was at the helm of Treadstone. He launched several 6 and 7 figure platforms on the Internet and Instagram but it wasn’t always this easy. It wasn’t until Jason formed connections with a group of other like-minded entrepreneurs that he saw some real results! By giving each other shout-outs, each member of the group saw a massive boost in their follower numbers. This allowed Jason to establish the influence he needed to earn millions through affiliate marketing and do what he does so well right now. If you’re interested in knowing more about Jason Stone or his popular Instagram page Millionaire Mentor, I have just the interview for you…

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