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How to stay focused?
Right now, the world has a serious problem with focus. Maybe you have noticed it in yourself, am I right? We want things to happen faster. We need to see, consume content, and do things quickly because we have lost control to stay focused. But today, I want to tell you that if you have control over your mind, you will be able to take or do what you want in life.
That’s what I show you in this video.
How to use the tactics and strategies to learn how to control and direct your focus to produce a better quality of life.

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2 thoughts on “How To Stay Focused | Jeff Lerner Lessons”

  1. Jeff, I agree with your comments regarding the attention span of the average person these days, and that being a major reason for a lack of focus. I find exercise 4 out of 7, allows 3 days off your time. One during the week off and 2 for weekends off. Friend Dick Hathaway Mr. Universe all natural 2 times, and meditation time. I appreciate the comments regarding having a plan and stick to it. Nobody plans to fail they just fail to plan! Say NO more often. There is a 1 tape program called How to say NO and not feel guilty. I can not recall who its by. I use my Master TO DO LIST to help stay Focused. I have been updating it at night before I go to bed. I go to bed knowing what my plan is, sleep better. After I wake up, eat breakfast, exercise, and get ready I know exactly what I am going to be doing for work, progress = money! That starts my day focused, and keeps me moving right direction and accomplishing the next most priority task on the Master TO DO LIST. Thank you Jeff. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing how you’ve implemented discipline into your daily routine, Randy! I’m glad this post resonated with you, and I’m sure your comment will help others along the way. Have a wonderful rest of your week!

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