How to Start a Business With No Money – 5 Business Ideas You Can Start With No Money

Starting a business is a dream and a goal of so many people, but often there’s one big obstacle in the way:

A serious lack of “start-up” cash.

It can be difficult to see how to join the dots between all the financial security and freedom having a business ultimately brings and the point you’re at today. Granted, before now, it was hard to build a business without any financial backing. But, those businesses were “bricks and mortar.” Now, with the emergence of the digital world, there is no longer a need to have a ton of money (if any!) or even connections to start and grow your own business. I was $500,00.00 in debt, living in my ex-wife’s parent’s spare bedroom. I had less than zero money, and yet I was still able to use digital media to rewrite my story and ultimately achieve everything I wanted to. There are no longer any excuses in this world not to grow your wealth. You don’t have to sacrifice your time or have all the constraints of rent, staff, and who knows what other overheads. All you need to do is start to look at digital media as something to produce instead of something to consume – it will change your life. There are 5 businesses you can start today without little to no money.

I walk you through each one in my video here! ,

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