How To Reprogram You Mind for Positive Thinking | Jeff Lerner

This week, we’re learning how to think POSITIVELY! A negative mindset is an entrepreneur’s worst enemy. It can affect your work ethic, your determination, and ultimately your success! I should know… I’ve been there myself! After starting my first business, I ran into some financial hurdles that I wasn’t sure I could overcome. Negative thoughts started to creep in. They went unchecked for so long that they turned into a negative mindset which started to affect my business and my relationships. However… I realized this was happening, and with the help of my wife, I was able to start reprogramming my mind to think more positively! I turned things around and I’ve gone from strength to strength ever since! HERE’S HOW! The first step towards rewiring your brain is understanding how your brain works. Once you understand where negative thoughts come from and how they’re formed, you can start to get rid of them. If you repeat the process often enough, you’ll be able to completely transform your mindset! In this video, I talk about the human brain and how it works. I also dive into my own struggles with positive thinking…

Check out the full video to see how YOU could start reprogramming your brain to think more positively today! And remember… A positive mindset = a SUCCESSFUL mindset!


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