How To Make Better Decisions

How To Make Wise Decisions Using A Science-Based Approach | JIM LOEHR | Unlock Your Potential

In this episode, I chat with Jim Loehr, world-renowned performance psychologist and author, about programming our minds to make wise decisions through a science-based approach.

Throughout the episode, Jim covers various topics, including the intentionality of our choices, different types of decisions, and conscious reflection.

One thing Jim wants us to take from this episode is that our decisions, even if they’re subconscious, become our destiny. So, we must learn to slow down and reflect before making a decision to see if the consequences are worth it.

The last topic Jim dives into is the seven lenses humans have for making decisions. Each lens presents a unique perspective to help us understand the consequences of every decision we make.

I hope you enjoyed this episode and gained insight into the science behind decision-making and how we can train our minds to make better decisions.

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