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How To Get People To Actually Listen To You | JULIAN TREASURE | Unlock Your Potential

Meet Julian Treasure, a renowned speaker on Sound and Communication skills, notably known for his infamous TED Talks on those subjects.

In this episode, Julian and I discuss getting people to listen to you when you speak. Feeling unheard is a common problem among many. However, by applying the simple tactics Julian talks about, you can more easily engage and inspire listeners.

Julian began his career as a musician, where he learned the art of sound. After losing some of his hearing abilities due to playing music, Julian became a marketer. As a marketer, Julian helped brands identify how they sound to consumers, leading him to start The Sound Agency.

Throughout the episode, Julian touches on the importance of listening in all aspects of life, including marketing, sales, and relationships. Too often, people spend too much time talking about what they want or need rather than listening to others’ wants and needs. However, Julian mentions that the best way to get people to listen to you is to listen to them first.

Julian also touches on how an environment can affect a customer’s experience, specifically sounds. If something doesn’t sound right to a customer, they will try to make an exit as soon as possible.

The last thing Julian discusses is learning to become a better listener. Despite technology being a major distraction, we can use it to our advantage to strengthen our listening skills.

I hope you enjoyed this episode and learned a thing or two about listening to be heard.

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