How To Choose A Niche For Affiliate Marketing (don’t miss this!)

I’m dropping some real value today. A full how-to step-by-step for getting started in affiliate marketing. First, you need to ask yourself some key questions like: How much money are you trying to make?
How big is the business that you are trying to build?
How personally branded do you want it to be?
Are you selling your own products or other people’s? I’ll tell you something… I highly recommend you start off small and start in a niche that you are personally interested in. This will allow you to get some easy wins and build some momentum. In this video, I will talk you through the 3 main niches that most affiliate marketing offers fall into… Health > Wealth > Relationships And then the sub-niches that these divide into. As a beginner, there’s an important strategy that you need to follow. This starts even at the research phase. Hint: avoid Google. After you’ve done your research, I’ll even walk you through the rest of the gameplan that you need to get your first offer up and live. This really is a full practical how-to guide on how to get started. Jam-packed full of value. I hope you love it!


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