From Rejection to Dream Job

How He Turned Rejection Into His Dream Job At Disney | SAUL BLINKOFF | Unlock Your Potential

Successful people don’t go through pain; they GROW through pain.

In this episode, I chat with Saul Blinkoff about how he turned rejection into his dream job at Disney.

Saul tells us that achieving success doesn’t come without pain.

We must endure some pain to reach our goals.

Once we realize that, we will grow through the pain instead of just going through it.

Saul also talks about turning your weaknesses into strengths through daily, disciplined action.

If you’re not good at something and need to be good at it to reach your goals, figure out how to become better.

The last piece of advice Saul leaves us with is to take one step at a time to reach our goals.

He didn’t become a Disney animator overnight. It took years of studying and persevering to finally reach his goals.

Don’t get overwhelmed by your big dreams.

Take one step at a time, relish in it, and let it motivate you to take the next step.

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