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Welcome to another episode of Millionaire Secrets!

Do you feel like your way into the entrepreneurial world is locked? Are you still looking for the keys to your financial freedom? In today’s episode, I talk to real estate expert and fly-fishing fanatic Shawn Moore, who has the advice to unlock your path and ease some of your anxieties! Shawn knows that entrepreneur-ing doesn’t have to be an untouchable realm – he got ahead of the game and started out a lot younger than most. He started his own babysitting ‘hustle’ at the age of 9! Shawn grew up knowing he had to ‘earn’ those extra things in life and says this mindset helped him set up his own roofing company in his late teen years. But here’s where Shaun’s story gets really interesting. After he got his first taste of the real estate world and landed his very first deal, he quit his regular job and went full-time as an entrepreneur just two weeks later! His story could also be yours. Since then, Shawn’s life has been a rollercoaster ride, and in today’s episode, he talks about his ventures in vacation properties, his love of fly-fishing, and the power he discovered from becoming a father. Tune in to this latest episode as Shawn shares his secrets for being better than good: How to peel back the onion layers of your clients so you can go the extra mile for each and every one of them How to rocket launch your career when your back is completely against the wall The power of being a little less professional and not taking yourself too seriously. Shawn was able to turn his long-time interest in real estate into something more. Now it’s your turn to change your passion into a project. This episode is worth a watch just to see how likable a guy Shawn is – you’ll notice how difficult it was for me to talk business with such an easy-going guy!

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