Going From Stuck To Unstoppable! Eliminate Frustration & Build a Life & Business You Love | STEPHEN SCOGGINS | Millionaire Secrets

Welcome to another episode of Millionaire Secrets. For today’s episode, I’m honored to be joined by the great Stephen Scoggins! You may have heard this name for multiple reasons – Stephen is a best-selling author, award-winning entrepreneur, he has started multiple 8-figure businesses, but he is best known as the creator of the Life Mastery Framework known as ‘Transform U’. Stephen’s journey to success is one of the most inspiring I’ve ever shared with you guys. Not only was Stephen not brought up with a silver spoon or a trust fund, but he was actually homeless at one point. Talk about a transformation! Stephen has faced several challenges, setbacks, and failures throughout his life but he has come out the other side. After experiencing a divine encounter in his darkest of hours, Stephen set out to radically change the course of his life. This event led him to start the first of six companies while sleeping in a borrowed friend’s car. Fast forward to now – Stephen is an industry leader with hundreds of amazing team members behind him and almost 9 figures of annual revenues. Now he uses his past experiences to share a message that is based on the belief that there is a tremendous amount of power in each person that can help define their future as they want it to be. The main reason I host this show is to share, with people just like you, how possible it is for you to succeed. If Stephen can go from homeless to a hundred million dollar entrepreneur, what’s your excuse? If you have a roof over your head and food on the table, you’re already in a better position than Stephen was when he started his empire. If we can do it, so can you! And to start you on your journey, Stephen has very kindly created some invaluable resources to help you master life just as he has. No matter your needs right now – whether it’s understanding what drives you, or finding out how to move from stuck to unstoppable – there’s a resource for you!

Discover How To Unlock Your Full Potential With Stephen Scoggins

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