From Chiropractor To Making Millions Using Facebook (Your Local Business GROWS After Watching This) | Dr. Ben Adkins | Millionaire Secrets

Welcome to another episode of Millionaire Secrets!

For today’s episode, I’m very excited to have been joined by the one and only Dr. Ben Adkins. Ben is a former chiropractor turned online entrepreneur who now specializes in showing small businesses how to grow using the world wide web. Dr. Adkins doesn’t just know how to crack your back, he also knows how to crack the social media code to accomplish just about anything using digital marketing. Not many doctors go from the medical field to being an online entrepreneur so why did Ben? Well, much like many new chiropractors – Ben was really struggling to find clients. Dr. Adkins went from praying to see a new client walk through his door to having to hire more doctors to cater to the huge demand he had accumulated in just 6 months! Patients were coming from near and far to visit Ben’s practice, this was a dramatic change from how he started out. Once he had made this dramatic turn around happen for his business, he wanted to help others to do the same. Fast forward to today and he’s helping thousands of new entrepreneurs to apply the same proven strategies that he used to create such growth in just 6 months. Within just a few months, Ben made more money in one lunch hour though selling his PDF’s than he would in a whole month as a chiropractor. And he never looked back!

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