Find Your Authentic Self Through True Voice | DR. FRED MOSS | Unlock Your Potential

True voice is the key to finding your true authentic self.

During my conversation with Dr. Fred Moss, he explained the concept of true voice and how radical listening is the best way to find it.

The reason is that radical listening allows you to process the other person’s words and emotions and understand their message without judgment.

As you process the other person’s argument or message, you develop a response that aligns with their statement.

This response is called your True Voice because you demonstrate your authentic self while keeping the other person’s truth in mind.

Basically, you’re basing your response on the other person’s message without compromising your own message.

We always think we need to get our message out as quickly as possible so that people will hear it.

However, failing to radically listen to our audience and process their emotions leads them to reject our message.

You can apply the same concept to business.

People don’t want to hear how great your product is. They want to know how it can help THEM.

The only way to understand people’s pain points is to LISTEN to them.

As you practice radically listening regularly, you refine your true voice and strengthen your emotional intelligence.

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