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Embrace Your Masculinity And Live With Purpose | RYAN MICHLER | Unlock Your Potential

In this episode, I chat with Ryan Michler, father, husband, Iraqi Combat Veteran, and founder of the Order of Man, about what it means to be a man in today’s world.

Growing up without a permanent father figure in his life, Ryan never fully understood what it meant to be a man.

Eventually, Ryan realized he had to step up and learn the art of being a man before it was too late.

After deciding to leave his career in financial planning, Ryan founded the Order of Man. The Order of Man is an online community and resource for helping men level up and become the man they were destined to be.

Throughout the episode, Ryan discusses the difference between being male and being a man. Many men in our society still act like boys because they don’t know how to become a man or don’t want to.

The last thing Ryan touches on is the downfall of manly men in society because of the narrative pushed by people in power. He stresses that the only way to shift the narrative is for men to take control and lead their families as strong men.

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