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Today’s guest on the Millionaire Secrets podcast is Dr. James Neilson Watt. James is a former healthcare practitioner who ran his own wildly successful clinic. When he no longer enjoyed the grind of day-to-day clinic life and began wanting more freedom, he started to explore methods for making money online. But it wasn’t until his wife fell pregnant with their first child that he really started to get serious about an online business and breaking away from clinic life! In fact, he credits the birth of his first child as giving him the strong enough WHY that he needed for finding success and, ultimately, becoming a millionaire. Like any good father, James was desperate to provide well for his child and his wife. Not only this, but he also wanted to be at home and to spend as much time as possible with his young family. So James had his WHY. From there, he became ruthless with his time management and this created an incredible level of productivity. He realized just how much time he’d been wasting before. Now he had a burning desire to succeed, and this naturally created an impactful time management philosophy. It’s not just about time = money. It’s so much more than that. It’s about realizing that we all have a bank account of time. Some of us are spending that time wastefully. Others are not. I loved this chat with James as I think it really digs into something that we haven’t covered in so much detail before on the podcast – time management philosophy. So James makes his millions selling services to practitioners and clinic owners in the health niche. As stated before, James built his own wildly successful health clinic. He did this thanks to a rather natural understanding of the need for good marketing that would grow an audience and create engagement. Other practice owners lacked this talent. And so, this was his superpower. And it was something he didn’t realize he had until other clinic owners started coming to him for help. His online business born. It didn’t take long for James to see the true value he was offering people and upped his prices accordingly. Within a few short months, he was making $100k per month, and not long after that, he made his first million.

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