DOUGLAS JAMES | High Ticket Sales Secrets – Making Millions With Fewer Customers | Millionaire Secrets

I’ve got a fascinating Millionaire Secrets interview for you today with Douglas James. Widely known as: “The High Ticket Client Guy” So, of course, we’re going to be talking about “high ticket sales” Or, more accurately – the mental shift that you need to make in order to start closing high ticket sales. This is something that I know a lot of you struggle with. And it’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s caused by a kind of “societal conditioning” that many of us develop through the course of living our lives. We just don’t believe we’re worthy of charging high ticket prices. Today, Douglas and I go in-depth about our thoughts on this concept and how we’ve both personally overcome our own mental roadblocks to start closing high ticket sales.

**MUST WATCH** Douglas explains in full detail here…

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