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Discover Your Life Purpose Through The Peaceful Warrior’s Way | DAN MILLMAN | Unlock Your Potential

The only way to discover your life purpose is to appreciate each step of your journey toward your goal.

In this episode, I chat with Dan Millman, personal development author, former world champion athlete, college professor, university coach, and martial arts instructor.

Dan talks about the importance of finding happiness within each step of your journey, not only becoming happy when you reach your destination.

Many people believe that they’ll be happy once they reach their destination.

However, there are moments within your journey when you achieve happiness simply by progressing toward your goal.

Progressing towards your goal gives you purpose, and that purpose is what brings you happiness.

However, you also need a destination, or you’ll wander around and never accomplish anything or have a purpose.

So, it’s vital that you find happiness within the journey and learn to appreciate each step as you get closer to your goal.

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