DAVID SCHLOSS | Covert ROI Founder Earning 7 Figures+ Converting FB Ads Into Leads | Millionaire Secrets

David has been there since the very beginning on the social ads platforms like Facebook. He was there back in the good ‘ole days when it was a gold rush on Faceook and super-easy to make a fortune. Of course, I put the questions to David that I know you’re all thinking… Was is really all that easy back then? Is it harder now? Is the market too saturated? Can anyone still do this? David replies… It’s just different now. The gold is still there for the taking. Saturation is validation. You just need to think creatively. There’s more… In the second half of the interview we go off on a bit of an interesting tangent… Most people have no idea how much a healthy and comfortable retirement will cost. Zero idea. You’re 55 and you got $80k in the bank and you think you’re good? Wrong. You can blow through that in a few days of medical bills in an emergency. Both David and I agree that you probably need $5million – $10 million banked to have a comfortable retirement – and not be relying on your family to take care of you.

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