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On today’s episode of the Millionaire Secrets podcast, I interview Dan Henry. In the world of digital marketing, Dan is famous for going from pizza delivery boy to multi-millionaire. Dan casually mentions that he recently purchased himself a yacht. Yes, you read that right – a yacht. Guess he won’t be going back to that pizza job anytime soon! So what made Dan different from the other 15 pizza delivery people he worked with? Why did he succeed while they failed? I’ll save his answer for your viewing pleasure. Like myself, Dan is also a musician. We talk about the similarities in attitude that it takes to learn how to play an instrument and build a business. We even credit some of our entrepreneurial successes to the hours we spent in musical practice. This is another great interview for Millionaire Secrets because really dig deep into the psychological leverage points that catapulted Dan from pizza boy to millionaire. There’s more, We discuss how and why people somehow expect to become millionaire entrepreneurs without putting in time and effort. Society expects a pilot to study how to fly. A doctor to study medicine. A lawyer to study law. But for some reason, Online entrepreneurs think that they don’t need to study business to be successful. And then complain that they have to pay for educational materials. People are sucked into this world by the dream of working 1 hour a day from the beach. But as Dan says, if you only want to work 1 hour a day on your business, you don’t deserve success. You deserve to be digging ditches. Dan and I cover so much ground today. You’ll enjoy this one!

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