CHRISTOPHER GAVIGAN | CoFounder of the $1.7 Billion Honest Brand & Prima CEO | Millionaire Secrets

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It’s not often that I can say I’ve interviewed someone who helped create products that are literally all around my house right now. This man is an entrepreneur, the co-founder, and former chief product officer of ‘The Honest Company’, and he’s a best-selling author of the amazing book ‘Healthy Child Healthy World’. I’m talking, of course, about the great Christopher Gavigan! Not only is Christopher an insanely successful entrepreneur, but is also working towards a better world for all. He has served as the CEO of the nonprofit organization ‘Healthy Child Healthy World’ which works to improve children’s health by eliminating toxins from their environment. Christopher is an expert on all things wellness, environment, and health! Ever since college, he saw a gap in the market for his brand and he had the drive and commitment to make it happen. He never looked back! With actress Jessica Alba, he created ‘The Honest Company’ to empower and educate the next generation of consumers to challenge the marketplace to think about the people they serve. If you’re interested in finding out how Christopher built a trusted brand and is continuously working towards a purpose-driven corporate culture, I’ve got just the interview for you…

This is Christopher Gavigan’s Success Story!

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