CASEY ZEMAN | Founder Of EasyWebinar Gives THE BEST Entrepreneurial Advice | Millionaire Secrets

Today I’m joined by Casey Zeman! Founder of the popular webinar platform, EasyWebinar. Casey is sharing his humbling story about how he went from “Mr. Nobody” on the brink of foreclosure, to a self-funded CEO.

Now that’s a real achievement! Discover how Casey Zeman became a self-funded CEO (and how you can too!) Before EasyWebinar, Casey tried his hand at most things. From mortgage broker to YouTube marketer/consultant to failing miserably at selling an online course. Casey had to work hard to find the funnel to his future. Even his first webinars sucked! (he says so himself) The people who purchased his pitch? Asked for refunds. But Casey was in it for the long haul. He knuckled down, put in the work and discovered the secret sauce to successful webinars! Casey quickly went from $197 upsells, to $297 upsells to $997 upsells. And now? He earns $1,000,000 every year. The moral of the story is this:
Never give up! Discover how Casey transitioned from the world’s worst webinars to $1,000,000 a year!

Don’t miss the chance to hear his story and learn his secret. Check out the podcast!


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