Become a High Paid Copywriter, Part 2 – Live Analysis Of Sales Letters

Welcome to part 2 of my mini-series on copywriting! If you have yet to watch part 1 of this miniseries, it might be helpful to watch that video first to introduce yourself to copywriting. Watch Part 1 In this second video, I will be looking at some real examples of sale copy online to dissect it, pick it apart, and analyze it to find out… What works
Why it works
What we could improve I believe by analyzing some real-life copy by some amazing copywriters that have produced millions of dollars in sales, we stand to learn a lot. The copy I will be showing you is copy produced by trained marketers, it is really high-quality content which will help us understand how to do copy ourselves. This is not about learning how to be a professional copywriter who gets paid to write for other people, it’s about learning the skill to sell. To sell anything and everything! Copywriting is one of my favorite subjects. It always brings me back to 2008 when I first got started online as a broke jazz musician. Sometimes I still can’t believe how much my life has progressed from where I was and I have skills such as copywriting to thank for that. My mission now is to share these life-changing skills with as many people as possible. The truth is, the world has got so saturated and fast-paced that if you don’t have these skills… you’re toast. These skills are completely necessary to succeed. And when you get it right, this is the path to living the most extraordinary life you could ever imagine… Don’t waste a minute longer wondering how to sell, this is your answer. Dive into some really great copy with me to find out what works, how it works, and how you can do it too!


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