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In this week’s episode of Unlock Your Potential, I chat with Cary Jack about finding balance in entrepreneurship and using your personal experiences to start a business.

Cary Jack is a lifestyle entrepreneur, owner of the Happy Hustle Podcast, author, model, bio-hacker, and more.

Cary kicks off the episode by taking us through his journey to becoming a “balanced” entrepreneur.

During his younger years, Cary dabbled in various jobs, even some illegal ones, trying to figure out what he wanted out of life.

Eventually, Cary and his brother built a successful business and almost landed a multimillion business deal before deciding to back out.

After deciding he wanted to decompress for a little while, Cary moved around several times, living his life to the fullest.

Eventually, he started creating webinars on personal development, building the foundation for his company, the Happy Hustle.

During the episode, Cary explains that our version of success is rooted in our ability to create the three creative freedoms – time, money, and creativity. These freedoms stem from our uniqueness, which we can exploit to impact the world.

This impact is a direct result of developing our creative freedoms. As a result, we can use our experience to get results and teach others to do the same.

You don’t have to get certifications for people to take you seriously. You just have to convince people that you have the solution to their problem, backing up your success with your results.

I hope you all enjoyed this episode and learned how entrepreneurship could help you achieve the life you want.

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