ALEX MEHR | How I Sold My Company For $300 Million | Millionaire Secrets

Welcome back to another episode of Millionaire Secrets! I am grateful and humbled to be joined by the incredibly high achieving Alex Mehr. I’m sure this guy doesn’t need much of an introduction but to give you a bit of background – Alex is a world renowned serial entrepreneur and former NASA scientist. Alex has launched over 30 products and companies that have made over $1 billion in revenue. Alex is pretty much the epitome of success! I’m sure everyone reading this, is wishing that they had what he does right now – and you can. In fact, you’re probably in a better position than he was when he first started out. Alex had to walk from Iran, his birthplace, to Turkey to flee his country and immigrate to the United States. He was not brought up with a silver spoon in his mouth and he had to defy all odds to achieve what he has. Most 5 years olds dream of being an astronaut or a soccer player, Alex’s dream was to be an American citizen. Not only has achieved that, but he’s achieved every single one of his dreams since then. Today he will share with you exactly how he did it. If you’ve ever looked for a sign that you can make something happen, this is it. Watch the full interview today to hear all about Alex’s amazing success story.

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