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Today I’m joined by Akbar Sheikh! The man who used to live in an electrical closet. A window-less, shower-less, electrical closet in the back of an office building in San Francisco. Long story short: His mental health, physical health, addictive personality and toxic relationship lead him down a very dark path. But despite everything he had been through?
He was STILL determined to make it out on top! And despite all odds?
He came back from what most would consider ‘the point of no return’. Discover How Akbar Made His 7-Figure Comeback! Make no mistake, Akbar didn’t magically make 7-figures overnight. His comeback story was not all that glamorous. He started off by selling refurbished mattresses in the middle of commercial car parks, on Craigslist, and any other way he could. …Until one day he discovered what the internet really had to offer. He created his first internet based business! And within 1 year?
Became a top 1% earner online. These days, Akbar is wildly successful. Not only is he an award-winning funnel coach, he’s also a #1 best-selling author, and international keynote and former TEDx speaker. His mission is simple: He helps people make more, so that they can give more.

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